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About Me

Welcome to my journey of photography.

I am Safras Ahamed from Sri Lanka and professionally, a Web Application Developer. This website and code are also my own creations.

Since childhood, I have been very much interested in Photography and Art. Finally my dreams came true. Now I am a photographer too. It is a great pleasure for me to share my photos with the world. All the photos displayed in this web site belong to me and are taken with my DSLR camera. It is a SONY Alpha 350 DSLR with 18mm to 70mm lens and 70mm to 300mm. I am more interested in MACRO photography but I am sure most of the photos in this website will be MACRO photos.

I hope you would enjoy my website and would like to invite you to contact me through
my email admin[AT]photosaf.com, if you are really interested in buying any of these photos.

Thank you for visiting my photo website.
Safras Ahamed - Sri Lanka

Date Posted: Dec 16, 2009, Views: 3148 , Comments: 4
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Safras, I loved all your photos .. It are all great eye catching .. You have a great photography vision .. Keep it up ..
Posted by pradeep, From: Malaysia on Wed, Aug 24, 11 : 03:54:pm

@Pradeep Thank you very much for visiting my site.. ;-)
Posted by Safras Ahamed, From: Maldives on Thu, Feb 02, 12 : 08:08:am

http://www.photosaf.com/photo-78-Hukuru_Miskiiy.htmDear Brother,What is the price of the photo (link) mentioned above?Thanks.
Posted by muslih mohamed ismail, From: Maldives on Wed, Nov 14, 12 : 11:11:am

@muslih mohamed ismail, bro I dont sell and please just send me email of your email address, I will email you the original free but still if you wish to pay something you can pay he he. send a mail to [email protected]
Posted by Safras Ahamed, From: on Sun, Nov 18, 12 : 01:14:am

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